Rose Spirit Medicine - Healing  power within


"Now is the time to listen within,
tend our garden mindfully 
until new flowers, new blessings can blossom"
- Hermann Hesse -

38 min meditation to connect with your inner healing garden and the elements.

"Do you live in a mine field or a garden?
When we live in a mine field mentality, 
we explodes with weeds of worry, doubt, 
fear, lack and limitations. 
Choose to cultivate your inner garden"
- Michael Beckwith -

Me in a flowermeadow at the beach in Rhodos when I was 3 years old.
In this moment so happy and grateful in my own inner and outer garden!
I felt like the richest girl alive<3

"Let the beauty of what you love,
be what you do!" 
- Rumi -