Rose Spirit Medicine - Healing  power within


 Everything you do, 
should reflect who you are!"
(Lene Rose)


(PS! Remember these talks are always real and raw and unedited on the go, so, after I have posted it and listen, I can hear myself in the rush saying something wrong like cortisol instead of endorphines when I talk about training. Sorry for that....)

"I am supported. I am not alone in this. I am loved. 
And today I start the journey towards accepting and discovering 
my own worth. 
I'm not going to walk out on myself. 
I will fight for who i really am. 
I am supported and loved. 
I am enough."

(Passionflower-affirmation, Lene Rose, Copyright)

Organic Cow Girl

This beautiful girl is a friend of mine, a cool organic cow, Mrs Milktheway, and as you can see, she is demonstrating how grassfed she is…….She just wanted to check in and see if your were happy with her everyday production, all the foods she and her family contribute in, as a stand alone dairy product or as a “filler”. If you use some of her products, please give her a thumbs up, a heart, a smiley or a like, or just some good old fashion love or a big smile the next time you pass by a field with cows. She would like that. To be appreciated for her efforts. Remember she doesn't get paid…..…..
(Lene rose, Copyright)

 Night-Balm-Rose Tea

Hot water
Fresh Wild Rose petals
Fresh Lavender flowerbuds
Fresh Lemonbalmleaves
Fresh Passionflower flower or leaves
Let it sit for 10-15 min and drink up:-)
(Lene Rose Copyright)

Or you can make an ice tea version over night 
by putting all the ingredients in a waterbottle of glass in the refrigerator and drink it the night after before going to bed. And you can add a little organic honey or organic ashorn sirup if it feels strange drinking flowers.......Flowers - the nectars of life......

if you dont eat the flowers and leaves (they are all edible) after you have finished your cup, give them back to Mother Earth with gratitude in your compost, in your garden, in a flowerjar or sprinkle it in the woods, in the ocean or in a meadow next time your there!


My Stream-Green-Summer-Smoothie<3
Follow the green path, 
and you will find wild, organic food growing for free....
Let Mother Earth guide you to her nourishing treasures.



My magical, angelic, current view. Sunset from my roof.
This to me is priceless. 
You dont have to dig for gold, you just have to look up on the sky.
The eternal sun - natures true, pure gold.
And it keeps you and me and everything alive.
To me that is magic. And a miracle.
I can understand why many cultures worship the sun.
Today I am grateful for feeling the touch and warmth 
from the same source as my beloved ancestors.
Walking barefoot on the same earth as they walked before us.
My heart is filled with love and gratitude 
for this rare experience.
(Lene Rose, Copyright)

The life of a sheep

Dont ever take lead, 
ignore your own (heart)beat.
Behave neat.
Walk flat and steep.
Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Become meat.
The end.

You can dare to take a leap,
when you arrive at the indoctrinated peak,
become an outsider/freak
and your own path seek.
The beginning.

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

Raw and real, unedited as always, musings from my heart and soul about the natural body shaming and the fixed-body praise. 

Remember; it is the natural parts of you (the true you), that needs to be loved, not the fake ones. Its easy to love yourself on good days, when you feel fresh and "perfect" and "fixed", but it is the wounded, shattered parts of you that have to be taken out of the darkness, into the light to be acknowledged, embraced, cheered and valued to grow solid, grounded selfesteem and a feeling of inner value that last.

Mother Earths boob:

LEVE (To live)

These guys have made a heartbreaking, wise song that really got into my heart. Its in Norwegian, sadly, but the essence of it is "Help heart is beating for the last time....Mother, they are killing me.......All I ever wanted was to.....LIVE! Was that to much to ask for?  Your life gets judged after the the color of your skin.......still we are all bleeding the same color on this earth......"

To breathe or not to breathe, THAT is the REAL question.......Never take a single breath for granted! Take a deep inhale before its to late. Take care of our trees before its to late. No treelungs, no human lungs. Take care of each other. First and foremost, do no harm, and treat others the way you want to be treated. Cause we are all connected. People did not invent the web of life, we are only a thread in the pattern of creation…..
(Lene Rose Copyright)

Down to Earth!

If you for some reason haven't already seen Darin Olien and Zac Efrons ”Down to earth”-series on Netflix (, I encourage you to at least check it out! I loved and got hooked on that this series was so humble, literally down to earth, raw and real, with some refreshing awkward moments and just two nice guys on a new territory, exploring Mother Nature and sustainability with childlike, "wow"ed curiosity. And sadly it also took a heartbreaking turn in the end…….

Through 8 episodes they made me laugh, cry, feel compassion and empathy, awakened my curiosity and gave me new insight, wisdom and knowledge even though I have been”on the green path”, living organically and holistic for 19 years, there is still endless stuff to learn…..

They are not claiming to be professionals in this field, and are not being afraid of showing that this format is new terrain for them. They're just two lovable, kind of wonderful goofy, impulsive mates exploring the natural world with an open heart and mind, wanting to do something meaningful for our planet; To lend their voice to Mother Nature and some of her Earthkeepers, so people can get an insight and awaken to different realities than their own and to natural sustainable solutions. They are not claiming what is right or wrong, but introducing countries, communities and their eco-work and -offer in a fun, interesting way with a childlike curiosity, that won't make you fall asleep of boredom or too many facts. Just enough to awaken interest. Never putting out a strict finger, but just enlighten people on different subjects and giving a teaser on how many areas we really can contribute to change. 

And I really love the parts with “bloopers”, that they dont cut them away, but are so brave to include the awkward moments, not being "politically correct" or perfect edited, but just raw and real and stunned. All the “wow”s, “really”s, “that's so good”s and “no way”s, made me smile and feel recognition, because I feel those are really valid reactions on being surprised, lost for words, amazed or blown away. No written, polished, boring script. This is new for them, and when things are new, breathtaking or impressing, they get lost for words, and leave the integration and digestion of the sight, feeling and experience hanging in the air, and then it's up to the people watching to do what we will with the information. It doesn't matter that the interviews aren't “deep” and “professional”, they're human, intuitively from the heart, and they reached and touched me on a soul level; all these beautiful soul meetings with people we never knew about, getting a voice through this series, showing their passion, effort and love for what they're doing and to the Earth. And how they all seem so like family together, and again, down to earth. 

It really made me want to pull myself out of the couch and start doing something nice for our (still) green Mother, and hopefully you will get inspired too;.. Even if it's only growing vegetables in your own backyard, planting a green wall, recycle, cleaning up the trash outside your doorstep, supporting local farmers, go barefoot, inspiring children to play more and explore more in nature, harvesting wild plants instead of buying some fast food crap, giving a hug or listening to a friend in pain, writing a post on organic fairtrade food or to help a neighbor who is sick with shopping or vacuuming. It doesn't matter what it is, big or small, just that it comes from an pure place in our hearts and souls, and people will feel the change, Mother Earth will feel the change and shift in human energy, the love and that hope is rising. And since everything really just is energy, we will come a long way if we have people on the heart frequency, giving a voice to love-energy and down to earth grounded actions-energy. All you need is sincere love, and all good things grows from that eternal seed. Without light and love our world wouldn't exist, so since were still here (chillin…), it means that there are still both love and light present in bigger amounts than we would think. Evil might win some battles, but love wins in the end……….

I think when life gets hard, meaningless or traumatic, its easy to start longing for or get stuck in the imagination of "over the rainbow"-happiness. But seriously, have you taken a real deep, close look on all the beauty, abundance, food, creatures, flowers, trees, and magical life UNDER the rainbow; its ON the Earth all the colors are for REAL, and life is for real, waiting for you to taste, smell, hear, touch and explore. Loose yourself in the natural beauty of Mother Earths green arms so she can guide you home again<3

If you want your children to be inspired to help Mother Earth, that may be too young to watch or understand "Down to Earth", Zac Efron many years ago also lended his voice to another Earthkeeper, a young boy Ted, in the animation-movie LORAX - a wise "take care of our Earth before its to late"-movie for children (AND grown-ups!). 

LORAX - 10 min preview:

LORAX - "How bad can I be?"

Many of the characters in the film live in Thneedville......"Noun. thneed (plural thneeds) A useless product which is advertised as being needed by everybody, but which in fact no one needs"........But The (REAL) Need we all have is a healthy, fertile, peaceful earth to walk on.......

Change is a personal choice.......

LORAX - "Let it grow":

I remember my son loved that movie when he was younger. He had seen it with some friends in childrens school and asked me if we could buy it because; "mommy, you will love it!". I looked on the cover, and it just felt silly. YEP! I judged it by its cover. I really didnt feel it by looking at it, at all. And I found that so weird and sad, cause back then my son and I always fell for the same heartwarming films, often with a deep message to them. But this one, no, I wasnt convinced. A small, orange fury creature with a far too big mustache......being the protector of the trees...unreal looking sugarcandy trees without leaves......that just seemed like a very weird, stupid script. And I didnt know anything about Dr Seuss and "his world", so I thought it would just be a waste of time. But my sons big beautiful, begging eyes, made me buy the movie anyway. We watched it that night, and I ended up singing and crying.........There you go! DONT JUDGE WHEN YOU HAVE NO CLUE!!!!!! So it turned out my wise, little son knew me better than myself. I loved the script and the characters. SO MUCH WISDOM! And the trees, well we kind of found them in real life too. Or I guess, at least, Dr Seuss inspiration to the trees.....So I smiled while walking in nature the other day, in a rainy field, there they were again, maybe not trees, and maybe not so colorful, but the shape end energy you cant question.....and they reminded me about the day when I almost let something valuable go, because of its cover.......

"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, 
nothing is going to get better. Its not."
Dr Seuss, Lorax

Myrull (Cottongrass) - Our Norwegian "LORAX-tree":

Just me,
watching the world and the sunset from under a birch tree,
chillin in the grass, feeling free.....

(Lene Rose Copyright)

The two pictures below I shoot almost at the same spot, but the first one is shot on a cloudy day and the other one is shot the day after, a really sunny day........And of course nothing is edited or with filter. Its like its two different places. Its like our emotions. The one day everything is cloudy and hopeless, and the next day its childlike joy and sunny colorful hope, and we cant really understand that both of these feelings are a part of our inner landscape and can show up with just hours between them. The only constant in life is change......Be present and enjoy the ride!

What a difference a day make......
and what a difference the sun make!
Follow your bliss,
and your inner sun 
will light up the path for you,
even on the darkest, most cloudy days!

Lene Rose Copyright

Tasty, colorful, nutritious gifts from Mother Earth.......

Went on an impulsive roadtrip today in the wonderful sunshine, and ended a perfect day with a sad and cute film "The choice" from 2016 with two neighbors falling in love and the hardship and choices they had to face, and of course, as always, I cried like a baby<3

(the treemusketeers ;-))

As you may know by know, I looooove trees! When I was in childrens school our teacher took us out in the forests nearby to plant babytrees to protect, maintain and expand the local treelandscapes. It was so powerful, meaningful, beautiful and gave a natural feeling of solid teamwork. Just this magical feeling of each of us kids digging in the soil, everybody with their personal babytree, blessing the newborn tree with our love and best wishes for its growing-journey towards the sky and the light, knowing that we had been part of this greenworld expanding in our area......priceless......

Luckily you dont have to be a child to contribute to growing forests, support reforestation or protect the trees. A lot of people in all ages and different cultures and organizations do this important work, which is even more crucial and sacred in these days of rapidly climate changes .

Check out these lovely, inspiring sisters with hardworking heart and soulwoman Clare Dubois:

or if you just want to educate yourself in why trees are magical, important, worth protecting and taking care of, you could read

and be surprised how trees are not so different from humans!

*Wish everybody could have a tree-friend like this!
So magical and powerful <3
Get out in nature and look for the one calling your name!
Or plant one<3


Sometimes life gives you rain.
Sometimes life gives you pain.
Sometimes life opens up a new terrain;
showing you that behind the clouds
 is neverending sunshine!

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

I shapeshifted some organic ingredients into a butterflycake and decorated it with beautiful plantspiritmedicines from roses, lavender, lilac, ladys mantle and spruce from my neighbourhood (everything edible of course<3), and some organic banana and blueberry and acai from a little further away:-)

Uuups! Somewhere in the middle, I say that "when you start to reflect, 
you start to neglect" and raw and passionate talks on the go, sometimes make me say wrong things in the moment..... this is the right sentence...:

"When you stop reflecting, you start neglecting...."
(Lene Rose, copyright)

Listen to this when you come to the section in Shapeshifting Part 2, BEFORE I start giving you the questions. These are the first questions, that for some reason fell listen to shapeshifting part 2 first, until you come to the part when the questions comes, then stop, listen to this little part and then go back to shapeshifting part 2 for the rest of the questions. Sorry for this!


There is a lot of shape-shifting to be found in cartoons and in Disney-movies, her are a few examples:


There is a lot of shapeshifting in Frozen 2<3

and in Brother Bear 1 :

and Brother Bear 2:

Avalon High

Tangled (Rapunzel):



Butterfly caterpillars exploring the world.......

Me, the Tomboy-girl, trying out being a swan-princess for a day......
but ended up back in jeans, fresh dirt under my nails, into the woods climbing trees:-)


" Across the Sea of Subconscious,
She will swim against the tides.
Though her heart startles and stirs,
My spirit will be there to guide.

(Daughter of Shadows, by Jo Swan)

The Guardian Tree

All is found - The hound + the fox

"Your heart plays a song
like a broken music box,
but nothing ever sounded
quite so beautiful to me.
Together, in the dance
of wounded-wing swans
we ll rise above the ruins,
melting into the golden light.

(John Mark Green)


A message from two of my closest guardian angels and one of my beloved spiritanimals to everyone in pain, sorrow, exhaustion, confusion, trauma, shock and emptiness:

“You will always get the strength you need. Always. And when you don't get strength, it's because you don't need strength; Instead it's time to be fragile. And only through that epiphany and feeling of how fragile you are and can be, you will get to know true healing, deep insight and wisdom, and the amazing power it gives you to rise again, stronger than ever, when heart and soul are ready. Only through allowing yourself to recognize, acknowledge, respect, accept and lovingly embrace the fragile parts of yourself, you can heal to wholeness and become a powerhouse; a fountain of everlasting joy, light, love, grace, peace and healing force to yourself and others. 

We believe in you to be brave enough to go in there, relax and release there, and trust the process of restoration and  transformation.
 It may seem dark and heavy, unbearable at times, but there is this magical, authentical, lifegiving light in the other side of the tunnel, that it is worth crawling through the mud for. No mud, no lotus…….You are never as fragile as when you are strong and high on yourself, and you are never as strong as when you are brave enough to be fragile and true to yourself, to your own nature……....when nature sees that you allow yourself to be vulnerable and fragile, like every single being on this planet is, if we are honest, they come to your rescue to surround you and carry you, until you
can spread your wings again. 

Listen with your heart, and you will feel their presence and their unconditional love for you. Just ask them to watch over you, help you, guide you, and they'll be there in a heartbeat, even if all you can see and feel is emptiness, and all you can hear is silence. Even if your eyes, ears  and mind is blind and deaf to the beautiful healing rays of light and angelic sound surrounding you, your heart and soul is not. Trust them. In silence wisdom can be exchanged and grow. And emptiness is really just a canvas of freedom for you to paint whatever color and patterns your heart desire. Be brave. Be fragile. Be empty, so the universal love and soul can fill you with love and light. We love you, and we carry your heart until you are able to feel that magical, sacred, childlike, innocent love again.”

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

The School of Love

"If I told you, 
that the cage you feel trapped in, 
has an open door, 
would you accept that freedom, 
and walk out?

If I told you 
that there is a way out of hell, 
would you raise from 
the darkness that surrounds you
and walk that path 
with bravery and wonder?

We are a whole world 
indoctrinated with, 
overeducated in and beaten up by
a Master in Fear.
When it comes to pure Love, 
we are almost clueless.

Luckily ,
the School of Love 
with its students is growing, 
slowly, slowly, 
with a strong foundation rooted in the truth, 
supported by our Mother Earth, 
her creations and elementals, 
our ancestors, the heavens  
and the spirit world…..

It's time.
To take love seriously, 
It's not weak. 
It's not just for children, fairytales and movies.
It's the most powerful teacher 
you'll ever meet and team up with
that can heal our lives
and our fear based world.

Everyone is invited 
to join the School of Love!
You don't need good grades.
There is no application, no requirements;
It's just a wish your childlike heart makes
for change………..

“We are the world”;
so dare to create the world 
you see in your dreams
into your daily life, from day to day.
“We are the children”;
so dare set free and be
that magical child you carry in your heart 
to breathe, dance, live and love..
And then we “WILL make a better day”
and a better world
“just you and me”!

(Lene Rose Copyright)

I hope you dance - Lee Ann Womack

Be naturally inspired<3

Wild Edible with Sergei  Boutenko

Backyard Foraging for wild edibles with Sergei  Boutenko

Single mum moves into tiny home village with daughter

Womans magical cob house built with Earth & Reclaimed materials

Woman builds tiny earthen home to live close to nature

"My grandmothers hands" - book

8 Self-Care Practices From 8 Black Yogis to Support Wellbeing and Mental Health


"This is a time that calls all of us to come together to decompose structural racism and white supremacy to fertilize our soils conducive to life, that we may cultivate a world where all of us can breathe. "

Love Shines - Live

This is me!- The Greatest Showman

The secret life of bees-trailer

Heart & Soul Matters!

“If the human race is so smart, so much more intelligent than other species (someone claim), making peace on earth should be really easy, a "peace" of cake. But we cant even make peace within our own species, our own family? How come so many “primitive” and wild species find this so easy, natural and effortless to communicate, delegate, cooperate and live in harmony and symbiosis? Are they just so stupid that they haven't yet discovered all the benefits of war, hate, bullying, prejudice, sexism and racism? Wait…………. what are the benefits again? 

Regain your empathy brain, boost your roots, restart your heart! I promise you, even trees have more evolved brains than humans. And YES they got big hearts, too! When it comes to emphatic hearts, volume, content and size matters. If we are going to change anything, 
every heart & soul matters!"

(Lene Rose, Copyright)


“Dear Mother Earth Gaia, Pachamama.
 I ask of you to carry me and all who struggles and suffers through these times of changes, to support us and protect us, give us strength, courage and new hope.. 

I am so grateful for your love and for all the shelter, beauty, foods, oxygen and medicines you produce and offer us. You do so much for me, every day, and I feel so blessed. 

Help us to see how we can work together as a team. 
What we can do for you, so you know we won't take you for granted anymore. I want there to balance and harmony in our relationship, with each other and to you. 

Help us to see the truth in every situation so we can take action from a truly authentic place in ourselves, but also to rest and take care of our bodies, our hearts and souls when that is needed, so we can integrate, regenerate and gain new lifeforce to meet a new day and a new, brighter future.... I want us to take care of each other in an beautiful, humble way, so we, once again, can bring peace to this world in co creation with you.

From my childlike heart to yours: 
The light in me honor the light in you, and I love you always<3 Lene”

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

We are (still) the world

(the photo below is as always shot by me, but the painting with a well known, wise and beautiful quote is made and given by two beautiful costumers on the organic farm I was working on<3)


This film may just be another action-movie with a well known and beloved fairytale-character. But I always love how writers, musicians, artists, poets, producers, film makers, actors and actresses etc use their craft and art to paint a picture of or to reflect the current world we are living in. So even if it's just a movie, the suffering is real, the injustice is real, the terror is real, the greed is real, the tricks and tactics to win wars, gain power, “respect”, money and “honor” on behalf on someone else's integrity and life, is real up to this day in our own lives. 

And even if the Hercules-version presented in this film may or may not have been walking the Earth in real life, we all carry his characteristics and facets in our hearts, the hero, the seeker, the eternal soul (son/daughter of a God), but also the human-part with all its challenges, fear, pains and losses and temptation, the wounded one, the thirst for justice and truth, the quest, the fight, the fall and the rise, the phoenix out of the aches, striving making things right again, being tested, deceived, tortured, the gremlins and demons in his head forcing him to give up, go mad, resign or be brave enough to face his own shadows, meet the truth and heal. And the pain of being tricked and deceived by people he trusted and gave his everything to, take away his honor and glory and integrity, and then step by step gaining new strength, hope and humble power and raise again for love, regaining his trust in people and finding his true friends and allies in the most unexpected times in all the strangest, horrible pitfalls, having his back, seeing and knowing his true self and his heartfelt mission and teaming up in a powerful way for justice.

Loyal, Brave & True 

Breathless power

"Humans were never given the negative power 
of taking an other humans life. We took that power, claimed it and cultivated it, presented it as a skill, teaching and educating others to do the same. To protect ourselves and survive.The problem is, we don't use this power to protect ourselves and survive. We use it for manipulation, statement, politics, power and control. Even as competition, amusement and entertainment. We suddenly feel that our own hunger and need for control and power is more valuable than the life and freedom of another being. 

The world and the air is for everybody. Our sacred Mother Earth Gaia is not defining who she is giving her foods, shelters and waters to. The sun and the moon don't define who to shine on, give warmth to or light up the path for in the dark. The clouds don't choose who to give shadow or rain to. The trees are not selecting who they give the breath of life to, their precious oxygen. They give it to everybody, no matter color, race, gender, age, religion, beliefs, species……

When you dont allow another person to breathe, I will say you are in deep troubled need of greed. And it is a slowly, creepy disease, that will eat you up inside and take away your breath slowly.The only thing that can heal this disease, is deep heartfelt and soulfelt regret, humbleness and willingness to change your ways, and see that you are not more valuable than the person next to you or under you. We are all brothers and sister. And when you kill another person, you may have killed their physical body; But their eternal soul and light-spirit is still here backed up by the spirit-world, stronger, wiser, with a clearer message, words and voice than ever before. So you really don't get rid of them anyway. And you don't really prove anything else with your action, than that you have chosen to become a murderer. 

So why be a murderer, when you can be a lifegiver? Why walk through life with hate, when you can choose love? Why be closed hearted and closed minded, when you can open your mind and open your heart? Why live your life as a cold hearted, dead person, when you can live a colorful life that inspires others to do the same? You are sent her by the same lifeforce as all other beings, our ancient origin source is exactly the same. 

So let us stand up for each other, care for each other, support each other, comfort each other and live together in peace and harmony, like a proud family with deep love, solid roots and respect for each other, our beloved planet and the magical, mysterious universe we all are a part of. That is the deepest healing, fulfillment and achievement I could ever think of or dream of in my life!"

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Where is the love?


I am considering a herbal vacation this
Seriously, when my beloved lemonbalm and mint-herbs went Peace & Love & Flower-power camping, my heart just bursted of sunfilled childlike joy<3


Blue Crush 2
(An oceanic odyssey - a teenager-girls quest for meaning)

Under the Tuscan sun
(the movie I have watched undoubtedly most times in my life, because I just love this tribe of people that life brings together, who team up and how they support each other in a beautiful way through lifes up and downs:-)

"To radiate, show or express love 
while you are here on Mother Earth as a human, 
is never wasted. 
Even if someone doesnt accept, opens up to 
or is returning the love you are giving. 
Because your love is still the most potent medicine you can give,
despite of rejection.
 Keep on loving, shining your true-colored love,
and never let anybody take your childlike love away from you. 
If you keep on radiating love, 
there will always be someone whos heart you touch, 
even long after they met you,
 they will remember the silent, soft breath of your love, 
their hearts will slowly open, when they feel safe and ready, 
so their own bud of love 
will blossom into the most beautiful, powerful flower
and continuing the healing ripple-effect into the world.
Love is contagious AND lifegiving.
Keep on infecting people with love for life<3" 
(Lene Rose, Copyright)


Come join the "Love is Medicine" on May 21-27:

My friends gave me almost everything I need to survive in this life for my birthday; fairtrade roses, organic  flowerpower chocolate, healing crystals, a funny poem and a magical youtubelink filled with lifeforce

And these were my birthday movies:
Dare to be wild
Raise your voice


I was meaning to post this one in December 2019. But when I "cleaned up" my phone today, I saw it was not better late than never:-)


Norsk: Husk at alle er ansvarlig for egen helse, egen kropp og egne helsevalg. Informasjonen på disse sidene er kun ment å inspirere og informere om mine behandlingsformer og min reise i naturmedisinens verden, mine erfaringer og min visdom og kunnskap om kropp, sjel, sinn og helse. Dette er ikke ment å være erstatning for noen annen behandling eller rådgivning/konultasjon fra verken konvensjonell medisin/helsevesen eller andre holistiske- og  naturterapeutiske retninger. Ingen har lov å garantere et annet menneske helbredelse eller å love at den behandling en tilbyr vil virke eller at det er den eneste rette metode, det har heller ikke jeg lov til Det som er sant og rett for meg trenger ikke være sant og rett for deg!

English:Remember that everybody is responsible for THEIR OWN health, body and health-choices. This information is meant to be an inspiration to how we can be supported by and strenghtened by nature and natures gifts and remedies, and starting to reflect and getting closer to our magical healing nature. It is not a substitute for any other treatment or consultation in conventional medicine or the holistic world. Nobody can claim to promise another being total recovery/healing, or promise that the treatment that they offer will work or that it is the only real deal, neither can I. What is right and true and works for me, may not be right, true and work for you. You are reading this information by free will and you are responsible for your own actions.