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 Everything you do, 
should reflect who you are!"
(Lene Rose)

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Heart & Soul Matters!

“If the human race is so smart, so much more intelligent than other species (someone claim), making peace on earth should be really easy, a "peace" of cake. But we cant even make peace within our own species, our own family? How come so many “primitive” and wild species find this so easy, natural and effortless to communicate, delegate, cooperate and live in harmony and symbiosis? Are they just so stupid that they haven't yet discovered all the benefits of war, hate, bullying, prejudice, sexism and racism? Wait…………. what are the benefits again? 

Regain your empathy brain, boost your roots, restart your heart! I promise you, even trees have more evolved brains than humans. And YES they got big hearts, too! When it comes to emphatic hearts, volume, content and size matters. If we are going to change anything, 
every heart & soul matters!"

(Lene Rose, Copyright)


“Dear Mother Earth Gaia, Pachamama.
 I ask of you to carry me and all who struggles and suffers through these times of changes, to support us and protect us, give us strength, courage and new hope.. 

I am so grateful for your love and for all the shelter, beauty, foods, oxygen and medicines you produce and offer us. You do so much for me, every day, and I feel so blessed. 

Help us to see how we can work together as a team. 
What we can do for you, so you know we won't take you for granted anymore. I want there to balance and harmony in our relationship, with each other and to you. 

Help us to see the truth in every situation so we can take action from a truly authentic place in ourselves, but also to rest and take care of our bodies, our hearts and souls when that is needed, so we can integrate, regenerate and gain new lifeforce to meet a new day and a new, brighter future.... I want us to take care of each other in an beautiful, humble way, so we, once again, can bring peace to this world in co creation with you.

From my childlike heart to yours: 
The light in me honor the light in you, and I love you always<3 Lene”

(Lene Rose, Copyright)

We are (still) the world

(the photo below is as always shot by me, but the painting with a well known, wise and beautiful quote is made and given by two beautiful costumers on the organic farm I was working on<3)


This film may just be another action-movie with a well known and beloved fairytale-character. But I always love how writers, musicians, artists, poets, producers, film makers, actors and actresses etc use their craft and art to paint a picture of or to reflect the current world we are living in. So even if it's just a movie, the suffering is real, the injustice is real, the terror is real, the greed is real, the tricks and tactics to win wars, gain power, “respect”, money and “honor” on behalf on someone else's integrity and life, is real up to this day in our own lives. 

And even if the Hercules-version presented in this film may or may not have been walking the Earth in real life, we all carry his characteristics and facets in our hearts, the hero, the seeker, the eternal soul (son/daughter of a God), but also the human-part with all its challenges, fear, pains and losses and temptation, the wounded one, the thirst for justice and truth, the quest, the fight, the fall and the rise, the phoenix out of the aches, striving making things right again, being tested, deceived, tortured, the gremlins and demons in his head forcing him to give up, go mad, resign or be brave enough to face his own shadows, meet the truth and heal. And the pain of being tricked and deceived by people he trusted and gave his everything to, take away his honor and glory and integrity, and then step by step gaining new strength, hope and humble power and raise again for love, regaining his trust in people and finding his true friends and allies in the most unexpected times in all the strangest, horrible pitfalls, having his back, seeing and knowing his true self and his heartfelt mission and teaming up in a powerful way for justice.

Loyal, Brave & True 

Breathless power

"Humans were never given the negative power 
of taking an other humans life. We took that power, claimed it and cultivated it, presented it as a skill, teaching and educating others to do the same. To protect ourselves and survive.The problem is, we don't use this power to protect ourselves and survive. We use it for manipulation, statement, politics, power and control. Even as competition, amusement and entertainment. We suddenly feel that our own hunger and need for control and power is more valuable than the life and freedom of another being. 

The world and the air is for everybody. Our sacred Mother Earth Gaia is not defining who she is giving her foods, shelters and waters to. The sun and the moon don't define who to shine on, give warmth to or light up the path for in the dark. The clouds don't choose who to give shadow or rain to. The trees are not selecting who they give the breath of life to, their precious oxygen. They give it to everybody, no matter color, race, gender, age, religion, beliefs, species……

When you dont allow another person to breathe, I will say you are in deep troubled need of greed. And it is a slowly, creepy disease, that will eat you up inside and take away your breath slowly.The only thing that can heal this disease, is deep heartfelt and soulfelt regret, humbleness and willingness to change your ways, and see that you are not more valuable than the person next to you or under you. We are all brothers and sister. And when you kill another person, you may have killed their physical body; But their eternal soul and light-spirit is still here backed up by the spirit-world, stronger, wiser, with a clearer message, words and voice than ever before. So you really don't get rid of them anyway. And you don't really prove anything else with your action, than that you have chosen to become a murderer. 

So why be a murderer, when you can be a lifegiver? Why walk through life with hate, when you can choose love? Why be closed hearted and closed minded, when you can open your mind and open your heart? Why live your life as a cold hearted, dead person, when you can live a colorful life that inspires others to do the same? You are sent her by the same lifeforce as all other beings, our ancient origin source is exactly the same. 

So let us stand up for each other, care for each other, support each other, comfort each other and live together in peace and harmony, like a proud family with deep love, solid roots and respect for each other, our beloved planet and the magical, mysterious universe we all are a part of. That is the deepest healing, fulfillment and achievement I could ever think of or dream of in my life!"

(Lene Rose Copyright)

Where is the love?


I am considering a herbal vacation this
Seriously, when my beloved lemonbalm and mint-herbs went Peace & Love & Flower-power camping, my heart just bursted of sunfilled childlike joy<3


Blue Crush 2
(An oceanic odyssey - a teenager-girls quest for meaning)

Under the Tuscan sun
(the movie I have watched undoubtedly most times in my life, because I just love this tribe of people that life brings together, who team up and how they support each other in a beautiful way through lifes up and downs:-)

"To radiate, show or express love 
while you are here on Mother Earth as a human, 
is never wasted. 
Even if someone doesnt accept, opens up to 
or is returning the love you are giving. 
Because your love is still the most potent medicine you can give,
despite of rejection.
 Keep on loving, shining your true-colored love,
and never let anybody take your childlike love away from you. 
If you keep on radiating love, 
there will always be someone whos heart you touch, 
even long after they met you,
 they will remember the silent, soft breath of your love, 
their hearts will slowly open, when they feel safe and ready, 
so their own bud of love 
will blossom into the most beautiful, powerful flower
and continuing the healing ripple-effect into the world.
Love is contagious AND lifegiving.
Keep on infecting people with love for life<3" 
(Lene Rose, Copyright)


Come join the "Love is Medicine" on May 21-27:

My friends gave me almost everything I need to survive in this life for my birthday; fairtrade roses, organic  flowerpower chocolate, healing crystals, a funny poem and a magical youtubelink filled with lifeforce

And these were my birthday movies:
Dare to be wild
Raise your voice


I was meaning to post this one in December 2019. But when I "cleaned up" my phone today, I saw it was not better late than never:-)